Muay Thai Techniques

muay thai techniques

Effective Muay Thai techniques: How to dominate in the ring

Muay Thai Techniques utilizes 8 factors of contact: feet, joints, hands, and also knees. That causes varied combating techniques and also striking combinations.

Every one of that greatly relies upon a competitor’s motion speed and dexterity which is a vital category itself. All of it has to be integrated with stamina training as well as body conditioning to create a full boxer.

When you grasp those skills you will certainly be prepared to face also the hardest challenges.

muay thai techniques

In general, we can divide Muay Thai techniques into 5 major categories:

Elbow strikes:

  • arm joint reduce
  • uppercut elbow joint
  • horizontal elbow joint
  • spinning back joint

Elbows can additionally be utilized as a head kick defense procedure.

Elbow joint strikes are a really effective close-range attack. It is utilized to obstruct the opponent’s vision by cutting his brow, to make sure that blood may obscure it.

A cut that is deep sufficient might also finish the battle by TKO. Arm joint slash is also efficient in supplying an amazing knockout by striking your opponent’s chin.

muay thai techniques

Muay Thai clinch:

Different methods used in a clinch and also neck wrestling skills. It consists of:

  • throws
  • knees to the body targeting stomach, liver as well as solar plexus
  • side knees targeting ribs and also the kidney section
  • knee to the face from a leading clinch position
  • knee leg attacks intended to paralyze the challenger movement
  • leg moves

Secure and also neck fumbling are integrated parts of Thai boxing. It provides a fighter the best opportunity to make use of disastrous knee and joint strikes.

One of the reliable means to establish it up is to toss a combo of a couple of strikes, close the range with a brief hook, and then follow up to a clinch placement.

muay thai techniques

Kicks, which includes:

  • Round kick [roundhouse kick]
  • Head kick [kick to the neck]
  • Press kick [a teep]
  • Low kick [leg kick]: inside leg kick and outside leg kick
  • Cartwheel kick: a unique kicking strategy often used by Saenchai

Kicks are just one of the most powerful strikes in every Muay Thai fighter’s collection.

The main difference between Thai boxing kicks and also any other fighting style kicks is that they make use of shin instead of the foot to deliver an impact. This makes them much more powerful and reduces the threat of an injury to a kicker.

Most Of Muay Thai kicking strategies have actually also found their method right into an arsenal of a modern Dutch Kickboxing. Rapid as well as accurate, and absolutely destructive tool.

muay thai techniques

Punching techniques:

  • jab
  • cross
  • hook
  • shovel hook
  • uppercut
  • swing
  • overhand
  • superman punch
  • and advanced techniques like spinning back fist

Traditional Muay Thai punches were initially extremely limited with round punches and also straight stabs being one of the most used strikes. Everything altered with the globalization of Thai boxing.

Western Boxing strategies have actually been adopted by Muay Thai practitioners and enriched Thai Boxing with a brand-new sort of mixes as well as strikes.

On the opposite side, Western kickboxers executed several of the Muay Thai kicking techniques as well as Dutch design kickboxing was birthed.

Some of the most amazing suits in between native Thai competitors and “Farangs” [Western boxers] are being battled in this formula.

muay thai techniques

Knee strikes:

knee strike:

  • directly knee focused on belly, ribs and also solar plexus
  • side knee which targets ribs and also a side of the abdominal area
  • flying knee targeted at the exact same location as straight knee

knee defense, like

  • mid-section knee block in the clinch
  • or an awful reduced kick knee block that might hurt your opponent. Chris Weidman used it versus Anderson Silva in UFC fight to damage his leg.

The knee is the king“. There’s no doubt regarding it. Muay Thai knee methods are just one of the most powerful strikes in any kind of martial art.

It has a knockout power – especially flying knee strike – as well as it is great for wearing down your challenger in a clinch.

muay thai techniques

As well as of course mixes of previously mentioned techniques. The efficient use of Muay Thai employs making use of all types of arrangements. There are mixes crafted for most of the circumstances come across in a fight:

  • defensive combos, where you protect yourself first and foremost even when striking
  • offensive combos, where you unload on your challenger as well as taking the threat of a counter-attack or just going for an exchange
  • counter-attacks, where you wait for your challenger to assault and also block/deflect/evade his strike to be able to hit back right after
    All of it relies on whether you are an extra offensive or an extra defensive boxer.

The Art of Eight Limbs

Muaythai uses eight contact points that mimic other weapons of war.

1. The hands – These represent daggers and swords

2. Shins and forearms – Muaythai boxers are trained to harden the shins and forearms and they represent the Armour with which to ward off blows.

3. Elbows – Elbows are used to knock down opponents as with a mace or hammer.

4. Legs and knees – These are the axe and staff of Muaythai fighters.

Fighters are trained to use the body and mind as one unit defending and attacking in one synchronized, fluid and courageous fighting style


These techniques are usually combined with aggressive attacking moves but are categorized in six groups:

1. Blocking – Toughened forearms and shins are used to directly block a strike
2. Redirection – This uses softer movements to redirect a strike so that it misses its target
3. Avoidance – Fighters will move parts of the body out of the way of the opponent’s strikes whilst staying in range for a counter-strike.
4. Evasion – This is a more marked movement away from an attacker making them advance towards you while you prepare a counter-attack.
5. Disruption – These japs and thrusts and kicks are fast movements designed to interfere with an opponent’s advances. These are usually to the inside or outside of the leg just above the knee.
6. Anticipation – Recognizing that your opponent is preparing a certain attack fighters will use that attack to their advantage such as grasping the leg of an opponent that is performing a roundhouse kick to the side of the body.


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