combat jiu jitsu

Fight Jiu-Jitsu is submission grappling that permits open-handed strikes to opponents once the activity hits the ground. Fight jiu-jitsu adds an added element of risk to grappling suits many thanks to the intro of strikes.

Combat Jiu Jitsu Rules:

Battle jiu jitsu has a few standard rules that include the following:

  • You can only win by entry or TKO– no factor system.
  • A single 10 minute round.
  • Open up hand puts and also strikes are allowed when the competition is completely on the ground. There is no stand up striking allowed. Along with this, no closed fist strikes are permitted.
  • Standing hurting is only allowed for 1 min right, afterward, a horn will certainly have appeared and the umpire will certainly place the battle on the ground. To choose this, they’ll flip a coin to identify that will certainly have what placement. You can choose to be on top in butterfly guard with double underhooks or if you lose you’ll be on the bottom.
  • Up kicks are now allowed as of 2017.
  • All submissions are taken into consideration lawfully.
  • The battle goes into overtime if there’s no winner after the solitary 10 min round.

combat jiu jitsu

Combat Jiu Jitsu Overtime Rules:

  • Competitors flip a coin to determine who goes
  • Rivals select to begin striking from the back or ‘spiderweb’ position (armbar).
  • Competitors take resorts to assault from picked settings.
  • If one rival sends, and the other does not (challenger gets away), he is proclaimed champion.
  • We move to the next overtime round (optimum 3 overtime rounds) if both competitors run away.
  • If there are no submissions at the end of the 3 overtime rounds, the rival with the fastest combined escape time wins the match.

Fight Jiu-jitsu is Eddie Bravo’s creation. We got a very early sign of what he was planning when he went down hints on the Joe Rogan podcast last year.
The common consensus is that combat jiu-jitsu might place BJJ in bigger limelight and job to spread out jiu-jitsu’s popularity. Combat jiu-jitsu also is known as CJJ has been pitched by Eddie Bravo as being a little bit much more attractive than pure BJJ competitions. It’s going to assist prepare jiu-jitsu men for MMA as well as potentially progress the sporting activity.

Bravo mentioned: “It gets you ready for MMA better than grappling, that’s for sure” “And also there’s a lot of jiu-jitsu guys out there who are awesome that will never do MMA, they don’t want to learn Muay Thai, and this could be their professional sport. This could be the final frontier. I would think 90 percent of jiu-jitsu fans out there would rather see Marcelo Garcia and Xande Ribiero going at it with punches and open palm strikes than just straight grappling.”

Combat Jiu-Jitsu made its debut at EBI 11

Fight Jiu-Jitsu obtained its initial official start with 4 fighters, Nick Honstein, Chad George, Sheridan Moran, and JM Holland at a 135 pounds weight class. Nevertheless, to actually draw out bigger names they will certainly have to set up bags, and also they aren’t fairly in a position to do that yet. These battles got massive praise from the crowd as well as accumulated quite a bit of fan assistance. These battles seemed to be much more interesting with the crowd reacting every time a strike landed.

The introduction of hand strikes as well as no factor system actually offered the event a more sensible and also exciting feel. With open hand strikes being allowed these matches, it offers it an extra real-world feel, and it aids you to envision these competitors combating in a more street fight setting.

Eddie Bravo Invitational or EBI

The Eddie Bravo Invitational (EBI) is a 16-man tournament that features submission-only grappling. For EBI 11 battle jiu-jitsu was introduced. The EBI competition includes a $20,000 take-home reward and also is made or the followers.

Some People are Taking Combat Jiu-Jitsu To Another Level

The Future of Combat Jiu Jitsu

The future of this new sport is still sort of up in the air. Eddie Bravo still has a little bit of job to do to place the last discuss this sporting activity. There’s a couple of brand-new policies that need to be fine-tuned and also really wrapped up, yet there’s certainly a substantial amount of possibility for the sporting activity.

Simply recently there was the Battle Jiu Jitsu Globes The Featherweights 2020 which had a great quantity of buzz surrounding it. When the following CJJ occasion will be taking location, this begs to ask the concern of! Eddie Bravo appears to be trying to balance his new enthusiasm in CJJ and also restoring the standard Eddie Bravo Invitation as well.

Vale Tudo Jiu-Jitsu


Brazilian Jiu-jitsu initially created as a complete combating and self-defense system. Its showing grounds were the streets of Rio and no regulations combat, or Vale Tudo, in which the old generation of the Gracie household were legends.

Even though the objective was always self-defense, frequently BJJ specialists would certainly train in a concurred “grappling vs. grappling as well as no strikes layout” to polish their moves in a much less dangerous manner than full Vale Tudo.

When the initial Brazilian Jiu-jitsu federation was formed in 1967, it began organizing friendly competitions (the very first in 1973) under this no striking, grappling format. The competition was imagined as comparable to the sporting activities of Judo or Western Wrestling, but with the difference being that it would certainly focus on the control placements and also submissions the Gracie household located the most reliable in a battle.

Once the regulations (point systems, time frame, and also numerous various other limitations) were set up, “Sporting activity Jiu-jitsu” came to be developed as a method for BJJ to expand in a pleasant and also safe manner. The sporting activity circuit expanded in Brazil in the 1990s to consist of Globe Championships and after that, under the International Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Federation, to a circuit of events all over the globe. The title “IBJJF Globe Champion” ended up being really prestigious and also nearly every academy around the globe began shifting their training to win under the sports policy collection.
Yet what we in the neighborhood really did not recognize is that by switching over the emphasis away from self-defense as well as Vale Tudo, BJJ moved away from what operated in a real fight. Many new positions developed to win under the sport guidelines. However, the majority of were completely inappropriate for fighting as they would leave you really at risk to strikes or other fierce strikes.3.

combat jiu jitsu

When the younger plant of Jiu-jitsu boxers began looking entirely unprepared when transitioning to MMA, this development away from battle reality came to be extremely evident. Unlike the old generation their methods, as well as instincts, were not fit for real battling. Also on the ground, where formerly Jiu-Jitsu was viewed as the undeniable dominant art, BJJ sporting activity competitors seemed outclassed by wrestlers with hostile ground striking.4.

Outside of the MMA globe, BJJ trainers started teaching who never ever had the old Vale Tudo experience and also additional watered down the battle efficiency of an as soon as an effective protection system.

Grandmaster Helio Gracie, the famous pioneer of the art saw the trouble and also disassociated himself from the sports world before diing.

To deal with the issue, his grandchildren as well as kids tried a variety of alternative competition regulation collections and then began the submission-only movement (Gracie Nationals, Gracie Worlds, Metamoris), where you could just win by tap out, not points.


This relocated the sport away from point combating and also various other limitations as well as brought it back to the core goal of the art: to round off your opponent. This was an enhancement, yet, however, these events still did not have something. Odd, unrealistic strategies and fabricated positions continued to show up.
To attend to the problem, his children and grandchildren tried a selection of alternate event policy collections and then began the submission just movement (Gracie Nationals, Gracie Worlds, Metamoris), where you might just win by faucet out, not points.

This relocated the sport away from factor combating as well as other limitations and brought it back to the core objective of the art: to finish off your challenger. This was a renovation, however, regrettably, these events still did not have something. Strange, man-made positions and also unrealistic techniques continued to appear.

When the regulations (point systems, time limitations, and many various other constraints) were instituted, “Sporting activity Jiu-jitsu” ended up being established as a way for BJJ to expand in a secure and also friendly way. The sports circuit increased in Brazil in the 1990s to consist of Globe Championships as well as after that, under the International Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Federation, to a circuit of events all around the globe. The title “IBJJF Globe Champion” came to be really prominent as well as virtually every academy around the world began shifting their training to win under the sport rule set.
Also on the ground, where previously Jiu-Jitsu was seen as the indisputable dominant art, BJJ sporting activity boxers appeared outclassed by wrestlers with aggressive ground striking.4.

combat jiu jitsu

The Combat Jiu-jitsu Revolution

It took the BJJ leader, Master Eddie Bravo, to find up with an option: enable puts rather than strikes to keep the fact of the battle, while also maintaining it safe. This actually was a very usual training method used by the old Brazilian Vale Tudo fighters. They called it “Taparia.” Eddie upgraded and called it Battle Jiu-jitsu. It was a breakthrough!

The first tournament was held and also it was just one of the most interesting and also practical demonstrations of Jiu-jitsu beyond MMA.6 The foolish sports placements were gone. The activity was wonderful. The fact was amazing. And also the format was secure.

Finally, we have a Jiu-jitsu rule system where truth is coupled with a sustainable training approach. It’s not full-on MMA or street self-defense, however, it is damn close.

combat jiu jitsu

BJJ vs Combat JiuJitsu

The primary distinction between BJJ and Combat Jit-Jitsu is that Combat JiuJitsu allows restricted striking whereas conventional Brazilian jiujitsu does not. Fight jiu jitsu is also conducted without the gi (nogi) while BJJ can either be performed in the go or nogi. Male competitors are not called to use a breakout guard.

Fight Jiujitsu has a slightly different philosophical difference from standard BJJ rules. The emphasis of combat jiujitsu gets on securing entries with vibrant play. Battle jiujitsu motivates moving the competitors to the ultimate step of triumph: a submission. Standard BJJ rule-sets, such as those set by the IBJJF, take an extra holistic sight of who won the match by factoring in benefit factors based on placing throughout the match.

combat jiu jitsu

Drawbacks to Combat Jiu Jitsu

There are some criticisms of combat jiujitsu. Some states that combat jiujitsu is an inferior kind of Mixed Martial Arts due to the fact that the striking is not reasonable. Various other criticisms include the fact that stalling is still a significant problem because the striking is restricted. This is especially in the event where one competitor is standing over the various other. Without kicks the standing a challenger might be really comfortable standing over someone in open guard. Nevertheless, EBI has made regulation adjustments to discourage stalling, especially with the introduction of upkicks.

Naturally, another downside is the enhanced danger of injury because of the striking. While jiujitsu has a particular amount of threat for injury, battle jiujitsu enhances the threat due to the strikes.


Should you train in Combat Jiu Jitsu?

If you desire to make your grappling or jiujitsu extra vibrant, fight jiujitsu is great. Due to the fact that it includes a brand-new level of attack, even more, traditional BJJ defense or offensive will require adjusting. In this feeling, it will aid fill up holes in your video game.

Among the major favorable aspects of the fight, jiujistu is that it is pushing the development of jiujitsu in brand-new directions. New methods of coming close to the video game and also thinking will certainly elevate the degree of competitors in its entirety as well as for the private practitioner.

That stated, if you are simply starting out your grappling or jiujitsu training, it may make sense to master the fundamentals prior to you relocate to battle jiujitsu. If only want to complete in IBJJF competitions, the ruleset for battle jiujitsu may not make much feeling as well as can put you at a downside.

combat jiu jitsu

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